Declutter – Replug YOU Series

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”
– Leonardo Da Vinci

Your mind is constantly active. It is absorbing, decoding and transmitting sounds and images rapidly. Even if you are unaware of it, your mind is still processing the mayhem, the mess, the clutter that you tell yourself to ignore, but that very process alone clutters your mind and stops you from being fully relaxed.

Help your mind to be more relaxed and peaceful by creating a harmonic environment at home and work. There are three simple things you can do to achieve a harmonic environment.

Plants create an atmosphere of relaxation and of being close to nature. Some plants even purify the air making it fresher, like the Areca Palm and Snake Plant. It has even been suggested that having plants present can even improve productivity. Think about that for moment. Would you prefer and feel more comfortable to work in a dull-looking environment or one dressed with nature?

Natural Light helps take away the gloom of a working space and living environment. Create as much natural light as possible, as this also improves one’s mental well-being and productivity.

Create that space of Zen, that most holistic and peaceful environment for you and your working space. If you do not feel completely comfortable and at peace then you will be easily distracted from work and you can not feel comfortable and relaxed at home or even in your bedroom… | …

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2 thoughts on “Declutter – Replug YOU Series

  1. That’s a great insight which you have provided and I quote.
    ” ……the clutter that you tell yourself to ignore, but that very process alone clutters your mind and stops you from being fully relaxed.”

    But can a relaxing environment alone support us to do this? I remain unsure….



    1. Hi Shakti. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. The chapter on decluttering doesn’t suggest that alone can help you be relaxed… Replug YOU is a holistic approach and therefore you need to adopt elements from each chapter and bring them together for one’s wellbeing. Decluttering is just one element and most certainly would not work alone.


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