Eating Right ~ Replug YOU Series

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.”
– Virginia Woolf

We already know that fruit and vegetables are a must in any diet, so we do not need to explore that (and we need to eat more fruit than the recommended daily intake because although a marvel in science, genetically modified [GM] mass produced foods do not carry the same amount of nutrients organic fruit and vegetables do). We also know that if everybody could afford to buy only organic food they would, so let us leave that topic alone. And we already know that eating to much junk and processed foods, as well as fizzy and from-concentrate drinks are a real killer to your health. And yes, you should by now know that anything that claims to be low fat or 0% fat merely has lethal substitutes hidden within to substitute for taste. Further more, we know that sugar is as addictive as class A drugs. Seriously! And try not to forget that to much meat just sends you round on an anxious enzyme bend.

So then what is my answer to compliment everything you already know about healthy eating? It is dramatically simple! Taking into account what was said in the previous paragraph, the most effective way to eat right is to watch your food intake. Set yourself a calorie intake target (nothing below 1200 Kcal a day), and monitor the foods and the respective calories that you intake. It is said that you can lose around 2-3 pounds a week if you lose 500 Kcal more than you eat each day by way of exercise. With this knowledge you now have firm eating and exercising targets to work towards… | …

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