A Week Down in Japan

It’s been a week now since my family and I have arrived in Japan for our month long holiday visiting family and friends. We flew with Austrian airlines this time and went via Vienna. It was perhaps one of the best airlines I’ve traveled on. New, clean, excellent video quality TV screens, nice food and the cabin crew are very child friendly. It was also lovely to have two rows of seats to ourselves as the flight wasn’t full. Luckily, the nature of my work allows me to work anywhere as long as an internet connection is available. So I will be sure to try and take advantage of that in the future again.

Coming to Japan now feels like visiting our second home. Early morning wake ups with the rising sun followed by walking the dog and eating fermented soya beans and rice for breakfast is becoming the norm. The kids go out with their mother whilst I do some work seated by sliding door with the dog. In the evening we all take a slow walk down by the rice fields before dinner, and with lots of exciting things planned for the children done already and a lot more ahead its sure to be a great holiday even if I am still working my usual schedule.

I’m also using this time to proof read my final edit of my novel before sending out to publishers. I’m making it a very slow process without rushing myself in the slightest.

Below are some photos so far… I wonder if I will be inspired to right another poem again sometime soon… ?!

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