To Be Alone With Yourself

There is a silky fog that hangs in the air and above the damp clouds there is a bright unchanging blue sky. I sit – as my children train – gazing out into open fields conversing with myself and enjoying my own company.

I explore my memory bank and pick out moments. Moments that make me giggle and others that force me to dig deeper. I create stories, new characters, solve world hunger and prevent wars. But I’m never a hero. Just a humble and insignificant light creating gentle ripples resonating with nature.

We talk to ourselves every day, whether it be through decision-making, self-criticism, random thoughts and the like, and yet, so many of us dislike to be alone. When it really matters most we disregard our own power of mind to be influenced by the opinions of others. The same mind that we entrust our daily life-sustaining activities to perform – and often without reward – we choose to ignore the unwavering messages it attempts to transmit to our minds. Too often engaged in other people’s worlds, and yet there is a cosmos waiting to be explored within ourselves.

The greatest reward that I know I feel I can give to my mind that I depend so much upon is to strengthen it through meditation, respect it by being mindful, and nourish it with my own company. I love to be alone because to be alone with yourself is to have a friend forever beyond physical limitations and boundaries, and one that if must be, is brutally honest to you without reservation or agenda.

B. L. Crisp

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