I’m a Vegetarian because of Earthing & Earth Mantra

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For the past few years at least I have been reducing my consumption of meat, as well as dramatically changing my eating and consumer habits. The Earthing process has been a major part of getting rid of meat in my life. My family are almost on the horizon, but still fish at least will be a part of their diet. Previously during Earthing detox processes, I always looked forward to a good dose of chicken and being part Caribbean, fish and meat has always been a major part of my food diet. Before my last Earthing period I had reduced eating meat to almost just the traditional Caribbean Sunday dinner, but after my last Earthing I have not felt the need nor desire to eat meat again. This is also largely due to the reciting and deeper exploration of my own Earth Mantra with the purpose to be more mindful, aware and balanced in order to improve my holistic happiness.

So, what is Earthing?

Earthing is the process – which I have developed – of bringing a harmonising balance between yourself and your surroundings with the key focus on the Elements of ‘O’ (as detailed in Replug YOU) and the Earth Mantra. Earthing takes place four times a year transcending you through the four seasons of nature from one full moon to the next (one month), helping you to ascend through the dimensions (ladders of mindfulness and awareness). It is a period to re-balance and purify the mind, body and spirit (if you believe).

Earthing takes place:

August – September (Summer moving into Autumn)
November – December (Autumn moving into Winter)
February – March (Winter moving into Spring)
May – June (Spring moving into Summer)

Part of the Earthing process is to perform the ‘O’ Earth Mantra, which I have developed and rewritten over the past years. This mantra is used during Earthing and is to be used when you start to stretch and/or meditate. You can also recite at any given moment to remind yourself that your existence is a part of something far greater.  There are other aspects of Earthing, which include the Tree Palm, Earth Shadow and Earth Kiss. There are a host of other practices that are done during the Earthing process that are outlined in Replug YOU.

Earth Mantra

[inhale, exhale]
We return to you our beautiful earth
We dedicate our thoughts to the elements of life,
We embrace nature and explore the cosmos
We harmonise with humankind and learn from animals,
We transcend to pure love through darkness and light
We allow the trees and water to balance ourselves,
We welcome the sunset to bathe us, the moonlight to cleanse us, and the stars to solidify us
We see beyond colour and form,
We return to you, our beautiful earth
We return to each other
We return.
[inhale, exhale]

B. L. Crisp

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  1. Bravo! Barry, I hope you will link this in for Writers’ Fourth Wednesday (which is a kick-off this month for 100,000 Pets for Change) so that others can read it. It’s perfect. The details and links are in my posts for today and yesterday.

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