What’s your favourite board game?

My family and I absolutely love playing board games. We make a point of sitting down and playing on a regular basis.  From Scrabble to Risk, Charades, Snakes and Ladders, Chess, Twister, Chinese Checkers, etc. Our collection of non-digital entertainment is forever growing. But my absolute favourite, and it has been since I was in my youth is ‘The Key to the Kingdom’.

This fantasy board game if played properly can take a while to get through (so do set some time aside). It features dungeons, a magic whirlpool (transporting you to another world [the board literally opens out]), sea monsters, living forests, magic mists, a temple, sleeping giant, snake pit and much more.  The goal is to collect the key and one treasure and make it back home safely.

The Key to the Kingdom

I just wonder what other cool games are out there that have yet to grace our dining room table…

8 thoughts on “What’s your favourite board game?

        1. Haha… Very true indeed! Computer chess is just as good, minus the live conversation of course. I don’t use windows, but I’m sure Mac does or did have chess preinstalled. I shall have a look! 😉


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