Astrophotography First Attempt with Orion Constellation

Orion Constellation

My first attempt at some astrophotography (astronomy photography) was a successful failure. Packed with my old Canon EOS 450D, an EFS 55-250mm lens and a tripod, I took flight to the back garden with plenty of enthusiasm whilst playing about with the settings in the winter cold air.

I say failure because I couldn’t quite get a clear and focused fix on the Orion Constellation, and success because I managed at least to capture it. I tried to capture Jupiter, but that ended up being more of a star trail capture. Learning and improving through failure is definitely going to be the way forward on my combined hobbies of amateur photography and astronomy.

After some post-photography research it seems like the following settings should work well:

Programme: Manual
Focus: Manual
Stabilisation: Off
Red Eye: Off
White Balance: Daylight or custom
Drive: One shot
ISO: Switch between 1600, 800 and 400
Aperture: f2 – f4.5
Metering: Spot or Auto
Shutter Speed: 30 Secs or Bulb
Quality: Raw, Large
Self-timer: Do use

Looking forward to having another go sometime soon. Next time I’ll try to capture the moon on a clear night also. Note-to-self: ISO 100, aperture f8 – f16, shutter speed 1/125 to 1/250. It was quite windy on the night I was taking some snaps, so next time I’ll weight down the tripod for better stabilisation. Below are some more photographs from a freezing night.

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