Male Blackbird


Last weekend my family and I took part in the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch. We spent Saturday morning preparing our bird hide, food for birds and for other wildlife. The children were super excited, and we managed to see three magpies, two blue tits, a wren or a female house sparrow, as well as a male blackbird.

The male blackbird is still hanging out in our garden and we’ve seen it before a few times, so we’re starting to wonder two things: 1) has it made a nest somewhere close by?, and 2) perhaps the wren or female house sparrow we saw may have in fact been a female blackbird?! We’ll keep investigating! We’re new to bird-spotting, so still learning our birds.

It was a lovely time relaxing together, talking and enjoying the free entertainment of nature. We’re already looking forward to getting our garden ready for Spring in our bid to stay as close as possible to nature.

The Big Garden Birdwatch synced nicely with our ‘No Electricity Day’, which we do on the last Sunday of each month. A lovely detox and reminder of the beauty of nature and how much fun you can have only by using candles.