Duathlon Training as a Vegan

In September last year I blogged that I had become a vegetarian. This for me was a great achievement because I grew up eating a lot of meat. Memories of my mother cooking a most delicious Caribbean Sunday dinner whilst listening to Reggae music still reside vividly within my mind. However, the shift to vegetarianism was quite a simple one due to my Earthing practices four times per year over the last several years.

Recently, I began looking at what it means to be a vegan and realised a lot of the eating habits and ethics of the vegan lifestyle fit perfectly with my way of life and perspectives (as outlined in Replug YOU). So to make the shift to being a vegan was an easy matter. What is not an easy matter mind you is making this shift whilst at the same time changing one’s eating habits (clamping down on sugar) and training for a Duathlon (to take place at the end of March – with three more later in the year). Plus, in my case, the winter months don’t help. I’m yearning for the warm Spring sunshine.

I remember the looks on my family member’s faces when I told them I was a vegan. Being a vegetarian is kind of acceptable just as long as you don’t start eating by yourself during family occasions, but being a vegan is just damn-right alien to the modern way of life. In my grandfather’s words: ‘You’ll make yourself sick and unhealthy you will’ – with an expression that said silly boy. Bless him, he meant well even if he did say it in a public waiting room where everyone there has nothing better to do than to listen to each others conversations. My wife’s expression was also quite funny because I could see her mentally working out how the next food shopping trip would go.

I do feel blessed to have a supportive family in this new challenge I’ve set myself. My wife and children have supported my changes and even enjoy a vegan meal with me. I’m currently following a 10-week beginner Duathlon training plan set out by Tom Lowe and complimenting my training by getting enough rest and sleep (I’m a night owl, which is okay just as long as my training works with it), prioritising my space (not time) and taking as much sugar out of my foods. I’m trying to make the whole process as natural as possible and not enforcing gym sessions, weights, etc. The visible results might take longer, but will be overall more beneficial for my holistic mindset.

I suppose the majority of my challenge will be mostly mental because I don’t like long-distance running in the slightest, but give me a bike and I’ll be out all day. I’ve had a couple of lapses so far due to natural fatigue of my daily life activities, but I’m not punishing myself about it. Nope, I’ve taken that whole guilt-trip, beat yourself up mentality right out. Like water I will go with the flow and slowly shape out and set my own river over time.