The sun battles with the clouds
As they stand quiescent in the hollow breeze,
It was the thought that provoked him
The mindless, hapless creativity of thought,
For a wasp had left a sweet sting upon his shoulder
Its nest now washed out,
They had saved the kittens…
But there was nobody gaping behind their curtains to see,

A bucket of warm water left
Little after mid-day, lunch creeps in,
Five little cries now hung onto the silky surface
They climb on top of each other,
Laughter breaks out from father and son
Father and son are amused,
He tried halfheartedly to break the moment
In return he was held, half halfheartedly

This crime captivating him
Intrigued to see the outcome,
Still nobody gaping from behind drawn curtains
The warm water swallowing each little kitten,
Five become four and then
Three, he was speechless and bound with awe
Two, he stepped forward at one and now…

B. L. Crisp