Does Light Really Travel or Not?

Does light really travel or not? This is an idea that popped into my mind recently whilst watching a Brian Cox documentary on Time. He was explaining that light takes around 8 minutes to travel from the sun to our eyes (I’ve known this before), but at that moment and on that day it nourished an idea in my mind maybe just maybe light doesn’t actually travel at all. Perhaps it already exists and is there already all around us like a constant layer of energy. Maybe it somehow communicates or reproduces its existence into different areas of time, space and matter – simply re-manifesting itself. When you think about the heat that comes from the sun and how it travels through the cosmos, which has no temperature. Then maybe it is through electromagnetic radiation and charged photons (if you like) that this heat energy is able to transfer itself.

Would one be able to go into space and measure this direct heat from the sun propelling itself into the earth’s atmosphere? or does the heat simply bypass the distance between itself and the earth and reheat itself upon contact instead through vibrations/waves. Perhaps it somehow activates a part of its existence elsewhere no matter the distance between the originating source. Thinking on those lines perhaps this theory or understanding along with quantum physics could explain age old concepts and stories of telepathy, spirituality, and energy absorption and transfer.

After searching on the internet whether light could travel or not I came across the work of Walter Russell and his interesting theories in relation to light (The Secret of Light) and electromagnetic radiation. My thoughts resonated wonderfully with what he had already wrote (albeit in greater detail). I also suppose this ties into the string theory nicely or not? Dimensional layers of existence.

Just a thought for the day, but a very interesting one nevertheless…

You can read more about this on another blog I came across whilst researching: