First Sprint Duathlon of 2015 Complete!

This morning I took part in my first ever Sprint Duathlon event. Last month I wrote (‘Duathlon Training as a Vegan‘) that I had started training on a 10 week beginner plan to prepare me for this (with several lapses and modifications I add). Previously, I’ve only ever taken part in 1500 metres (in secondary school) and a BAGBAR 6.4km fun run about four years ago. Endurance and long distance running is not my element, but I wanted to challenge myself to do something new and out of my comfort zone, as well as of course getting back into shape.

The Sprint Duathlon took place at the Bedford Autodrome and consisted of a 5km run, 20km cycle, followed by another 5km run to finish off. My times were:

5km Run 1: 0:21:48
Transition 1: 0:00:55
20km Cycle: 0:46:43
Transition 2: 0:00:51
5km Run 2: 0:28:45
Finish: 1:39:03

I’m not sure what a good time should be for such an event, but I’m pleased with the effort I gave in my current condition and I hope to improve on this time at the next three Duathlon events I will participate in this year.

It was a very tough race and wasn’t helped in the slightest by the heavy rain and strong winds on the open racing track. After defrosting on the first 5km run stint, it literally felt like cycling against a brick wall at times, as the wind bashed against me. I could only admire some truly awesome bicycles as they whizzed by me like F1 cars. Half way through my second 5km run I got cramp (vastus medialis) in both legs, so I was reduced to periods of power walking, rubbing and tapping the pain areas and jogging. Funnily enough, the pain was more bearable when I jogged as opposed to walking. Nevertheless, I managed to finish the race with a big smile on my face.

A great event and I certainly developed a massive respect and appreciation for triathletes and similar athletes. Also, the staff and stewards were all fantastic and gave great support! The 10 week training schedule starts again tomorrow, but I think I’ll take a few days or a week off!