Let’s Just Write

Writer’s block is literally mind-numbing! But the funny thing is as writers we are writing everyday without realising it. The text message, e-mail and shopping list are all forms of writing, though not in the manner we may hope, especially if a novel is in the works.

To all my fellow writers, let’s just write! Write, write, write! Write when you’re in the toilet or pretending to listen to friends in social meet ups as your mind wanders. Write with your mind in the bathtub and smile whilst running naked to your notepad before the thoughts ebb away.

Above anything and everything, find your voice and do timed writing. If you can find the time to brush your teeth and shower everyday then as a writer you owe it to yourself to write everyday even if you only share it with yourself.

Believe me… this post is just as much for myself as it is for others, and so on that note I am re-drafting my novel all over again, and I won’t be so gentle about it this time round!