Visualizing Well-being – Data Visualization Contest 2015

Win a trip to Mexico!


One of the projects (Web-COSI) I am working on is offering winners a prize trip to Mexico to participate at the 5th OECD World Forum. The winners will be awarded with a certificate of recognition during a special session of the Forum. The competition is open to all individuals, both amateurs and professionals. We especially would like to encourage the participation of young people and one of the prizes will be reserved for entries from under 26-year olds.

Deadline for Submissions: 24 August, 2015

The aim of the contest is to encourage participants to use well-being measurement in innovative ways to a) show how data on well-being give a more meaningful picture of the progress of societies than more traditional growth-oriented approaches, and b) to use their creativity to communicate key ideas about well-being to a broad audience. See below for more information to help you enter the contest.

Entries will be welcomed in two categories:

  1. Interactive visualisations
  2. Static infographics and visualisations

You can find out more here: