Novel Almost Complete & Writing Holidays

I took a long break from writing this year for no particular reason except for being busy with enjoying life and work. Or perhaps the writer’s fear of it not being worth revisiting. There are days I aim to write something, but after sitting at a computer all day for work my digital eyes and fingers are done for. On other days I’m out with the family having epic fun and too tired to even think about whether my character(s) needs fixing by the time evening draws near.

Instead I’ve taken the approach, I’ll write when I truly have time to and I’ll set time aside free from everything to write when time allows. Hence, my recent writing holidays have been born. In compliment to my usual days off from work and family time, each month I’ll take two days off from work and family to just write… either in the garage or at the library. Undisturbed writing with no internet connection, no dreary eyes or lost thoughts.

In the first two days I combed through my novel again and started reading J. R. R. Tolkien’s Fellowship of the Ring. A writer must always be reading (and a broad genre) and not necessarily in the same genre that he/she is writing in. My work and personal interests cover many reading genres already… so I’ve enlisted the help of Mr. Tolkien to revitalise my fantasy writing juices.

I feel that the novel (first of a trilogy) is almost in the right shape for it to be sent to a publishing agent. May the creativity continue to be unleashed without reservation and with fingers crossed.

Wish me luck!