Nature is a fine thing and it’s worth protecting!

My family and I are completely nature nuts and nature indeed plays as a key theme in the novel that I am writing. Whilst society develops both in physical space and technology it appears that anything will be done to support the economy and its advancement. Our ancient woodlands, forests, local wildlife and environment are destroyed for money and profit, and an ever expanding population. We try our best to give nature a home in our garden, but this exercise alone is futile if wider initiatives are not supported.

It would be such a sad thing indeed if our future generations can not enjoy bug hunting, bird watching or even a walk in a woodland of silence. I don’t fear that the UK government will destroy all our wildlife conservations and woodlands, but I do fear that they will only become small pockets of spaces within growing urban landscapes and changing countrysides.

And then what… in the pursuit of profit we lose what it means to be human. For to be human is to be close to nature and the beautiful environment it provides for free. For the sustainability of humanity I believe it is imperative that people live in harmony with nature, protect (restore and create) precious ancient woods and forests, defend and create living landscapes for wildlife, and get all generations reconnected to the outdoors and less connected to the digital world.

I won’t rabbit on because these words will only being to fall on death ears and closed eyes. But I do ask every day that you do one thing with nature (go bird watching, listen to the morning bird songs, watch bees pollinate, take a walk in the park, sit underneath a tree and breathe). My family and I always have our best memories and scenery not when playing computer games or looking at man-made infrastructures, but when shelter building in the woods or walking in the forest. All these are free activities, but the experience is truly priceless with the changing seasons. We shouldn’t just aim to preserve nature, but rebuild and recreate it and live in harmony with it. Perhaps a challenge for aspiring architects, landscapers, designers, marketing and communicators, governments, educational institutions and of course parents and citizens.

The below organisations do some truly incredible work to protect nature for all our future generations. This is why my family and I are proud to support them!

Wildlife Trusts –
Woodland Trust