Reaching for Inclusiveness

It could be you, it could easily be me or somebody you know. Autism, muscular dystrophy, poverty or any other similar living experience could happen to anybody. Nobody asks to be born with autism, to live with a muscle-wasting condition or live in poverty. My life in some way has been touched by the above.

My sister was born with autism, I’ve worked with those with learning difficulties and disabilities when I was a teenager at a local community college, and I grew up in poverty. Until you’ve been directly touched by one of these, it’s hard to comprehend the challenges and discrimination that someone and their families do go through, from indifference to bullying and harsh misunderstandings to the lack appropriate healthcare.

I believe education could go a long way to giving knowledge to people as to the different living, mental and physical conditions that are present within our societies. The education system and media can play a crucial part in raising awareness and inclusion.

And despite a sufferer’s different abilities and disadvantages, I’ve always been humbled and touched by those in poverty, with autism or a muscle-wasting condition… we make life complicated and they see it more simply. As a society it is our duty to uplift those in need and make everyone feel welcomed and included. We should embrace and fight for these causes as we do racism, gender equality or sexuality.

My family and I support the below causes because we believe everybody should be treated equally and societies should be designed around awareness, inclusion and needs of every citizen (both at home and abroad) regardless of a person’s condition and situation.

Care International UK
Muscular Dystrophy UK
National Autistic Society