Meet the Characters – Elements of Vaalbara

Meet the characters from Elements of Vaalbara (Book 1 of the ‘A New Earth’ trilogy).

Ash Green-Hill
Age: 14
Height: 165cm
Cultural heritage: England/Jamaica
Skills: Free running, tai chi, wing chun
Likes: Cycling, spirituality, cats, reading, old soul, football, snow leopards

London Graham
Age: 9
Height: 150cm
Cultural heritage: Jamaica
Skills: Singing
Likes: Playing, eating, singing, drawing, dancing

Bradley Chapman
Age: 15
Height: 170cm
Cultural heritage: England
Skills: Boxing
Likes: Football, DVDs, dogs, computer games

Kurumi Okamoto
Age: 14
Height: 160cm
Cultural heritage: Japan
Skills: Kendo
Likes: Drawing, walking, music, nature, cats, kendo

Jumo Mensah
Age: 15
Height: 164cm
Cultural heritage: Kenya/Ghana
Skills: Writing, scouts
Likes: Reading, dancing, science, writing

Aruna Begum
Age: 14
Height: 162cm
Cultural heritage: Bangladesh
Skills: Running, making clothes
Likes: Singing, meditating, nature, friends

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