Chapter 18: Tomb of Spirits (Elements of Vaalbara)

They stumbled out into the open air to be greeted by a fjord with statues in a row stretching right across the cliff’s face. Immortals to the imagination of men carved in a mixture of stone from marble, jade and granite to limestone with gold outlines and crystal patterns.

‘Who are they?’ asked Kurumi.

‘Sages from your world,’ replied the tree spirit, ‘Every God created and human immortalised in your world appears here. This peaceful inlet of the sea is the passage to the realm of Sopdet.’


‘Well, for now we have no time to divulge into that matter, as the darkness is upon us.’

‘Are you saying there is an afterlife?’

‘No, I am merely saying that this way leads to another place. You existed before earth was born and you will exist far beyond it for you are born from the elements of the cosmos. Its energy is constant and endless, as are you.’

‘So are you saying that these Gods and Sages are real?’

‘That’s for you to decide.’

‘So then if something is imagined it can become reality here or in Sopdet?’

‘Only if the masses believe it into existence.’

‘Impossible then.’

‘You imagine these Gods to have powers and capabilities beyond the realm of humans and so you have created a barrier and disconnect from your true potential that has existed for generations and throughout the cosmos. Be free from your history.’

A great bright light broke out from beyond the statues reaching far into the sky piercing the atmosphere and striking through an aurora.

‘Quickly, time is against us, you must hasten our steps.’ They descended down to the water and stepped across the slippery rocks. There was no clear route beyond the statues, which in themselves created a vast wall except for a small hole in the ground that grew larger the closer they got. The hole welcomed them with ghostly sounds and drafts of cold air.

‘Leafy, lead the way. We need your light again,’ said Bradley. The ground was soft with the warm earth and the walls lined with iced sculptures of animals. Aruna stopped at an empty spot that was being filled before her eyes.

‘It’s a statue being made of an animal I think.’

‘These are not statues my dear children. These are sculptures of spirits that have left this realm.’

‘Look, it’s Jumo,’ said Kurumi. They each stood motionless in front of the ice sculpture of Jumo with its vivid life-like realness.

‘No more tears. We have to save London. Come on let’s go!’ They each took one last look before moving forward. Aruna reached out her hand and touched Jumo’s cheek as it was being formed. The sculpture burst into water touching other sculptures and in turn creating a mini tidal wave.

‘Run,’ she shouted. Though, try as they did, the force and speed of the water was too much and swept them off their feet. It carried them out with frightening pace into an open field where to their amazement, Jumo stood there facing them all.

‘Hey everyone,’ he said in a quiet and calm voice.

‘This is a dream, the rest of us died as well,’ said Bradley.

‘Somehow, I’m alive, although I don’t know how. I was trapped in a bright white light, but I could hear your voices and feel your tears washing over me. Then I felt a warm touch on my left cheek and before I knew it I was rushing forward and standing here.’

‘I’m so sorry I was rude to you all those times mate,’

‘It’s okay Bradley! You have woken up the spirits of Vaalbara. They’re going to join you, but I can’t.’

‘What do you mean?’ asked Ash. He went to touch Jumo, but his hand slipped right through him. ‘What the… I thought you said you were alive!’

‘I am, but not in this world.’

‘What’s going on Leafy,’ asked Bradley.

‘Jumo is neither dead nor alive, although he did seemingly die. Some alternative dimension has been forced open. Some vacuum or void your eyes and my senses have failed to notice,’ said the tree spirit.

‘I have to go now,’ said Jumo.

‘Go where?’ asked Kurumi.

‘I don’t know exactly. But Vaalbara is waking up. Goodbye my friends.’ Jumo disappeared.

‘Leafy…’ said Bradley.

‘I know dear child; so many questions but deep down you already know the answers. I have no more wisdom or knowledge to awaken within you all, especially you. I have questions of my own that need answering.’

An even stronger white light than before rose up from the ground.

‘Your sister does not have much time left now. We must hurry!’

They hurried towards the light and stood at the edge of a cliff looking down at a vast salt desert with the source of the light now visible. It was a gigantic solid rotating sphere levitating in the air. This was it, the journey had come to an end and their final chapter was about to take centre stage.

‘Jumo’s compass points in the direction of the sphere,’ said Ash, ‘London must be inside it.’ They descended the cliff not knowing what fate would befall them, but certain they had to face everything and anything together and without cowardice if they were to rescue London and somehow return home.

B. L. Crisp | Copyrighted to © Barry Crisp