Ascension and Time – Stay in Sync with You

A damaged shell drifting in these metaphysical elements
Born in sin? karma? or is it just your chosen life-plan?
Maybe then you bit off more than you could ever possibly chew…


The mind and soul are in constant duality (yin and yang) with each other. This duality will continue until you find complete peace in yourself and the physical reality that resides around you. I, myself, am still on this path to ultimate peace and stillness. I may reach it someday or I may never, but the pursuit for something pure and great allows me (and I hope others would agree) to be a more harmonious piece of humanity’s jigsaw puzzle.

Therefore continue to feed yourself with unconditional love, creativity, knowledge and positive energy. This will enable you to be balanced and keep on the path of light and love.


Time, it stands still for you when you will it or at unexpected moments, but to your existence outside of you, it continues its linear journey. When time stands still you experience time in its true form – with no direction or restraints.

Maybe time does not even exist. Maybe what we experience is only gravity and electromagnetism.

Simple things to do to stay in sync with you:

  • Eat well, drink well, sleep well, rest well
  • Be a source of energy, love, light and harmony
  • Stay close to nature
  • Smile and laugh everyday
  • Allow for individual character to grow
  • Have lots of fun!
  • Yoga, tai chi or meditate
  • Try to listen more and judge less
  • Try not to carry hate, anger, jealousy or greed. Discard these emotions as soon as you feel them arise and manifest. The emotions only serve to hurt you and not those who they are aimed at.
  • Replug You