Welcome to my small space in the massive digital world. This website acts as a body of my work and a documentation of unedited thoughts. The opinions expressed and all content are my own.

Writing under the pen-name B. L. Crisp, I am the author of Replug YOU – a pocket guidebook for busy people seeking work-life balance and a holistic well-being solution for mind and body, and Poetic Thoughts – a book of unedited poetry (both available as free PDF downloads). I am currently in the slow, but magical process of writing the second part of my novel trilogy (A New Earth). You can read the first book here: Elements of Vaalbara.

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  1. Great words:
    I can truly connect with this:

    It is because of our second nature that we allow ourselves to question our existence and challenge the social inequalities and injustices that surround us, but also to explore nature and each other and all its beauty in a more refined depth and qualit


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