SETI’s looking for aliens in deep space
but they’re already inhabiting the earth,
so foreign are these persons to humanity
they care for no other but their own agenda.
– – s0 – – 101010100011100010101010 – –
Dig deeper and you will understand
the need to awaken from this atomic land.
B. L. Crisp


A flock of seven ride the waves in the glow of the amber sunlight
climbing upwards as the warm tide comes in to shore,
the physical reality controlled by an illusion of time
as my senses heighten and gravity itself halts the ocean.

I had traversed through the woods submerged into the bowels of mother nature, listening to the sounds of exotic birds,
I stumbled upon ripples in a pond of ethereal transcendence that appeared through an opening. I sat…
My perception of time altered by my emotional state
creating visual gaps in light and slowing everything down.