Not Yet Ready For Change

Yes, the Conservative Party is back in power.  The political party that measures everything by weight of money and figures, as opposed to common sense and reality. Where soft skills are not considered skills at all and you’ll be charged more tax for having an empty room at home. The truth is, we as a collective are not yet ready for bold and innovative change. If we were, the Conservative Party wouldn’t be back in Power. We like change on a small scale through SMEs and community projects, but not a large scale through who we elect into parliament. Some may argue that we truly don’t live in a democracy, but then I would urge them to offer an alternative loud and clear for the masses to hear or try living in countries of dictatorship. The bleak economy and resetting what’s been done over the last 5 years proved too much of a risk to gamble.

Yes, our country is not yet ready for a change… because if it was perhaps we would have voted for the Green Party or some other alternative. Whilst many (the minority) are screaming for change and have woken up to the system, we as a collective majority aren’t quite ready yet. When the country is in a pinch we turn to the Conservative Party and when we’re doing alright and want more of a relaxing ride we turn to Labour Party. However, if we continue to allow ourselves only the choice between two political parties then there will never be the necessary change that is needed for our modern day society.

The truth is the majority have spoken whether the minority like it or not. Our country wants more austerity and political war mongering. Things are not dyer enough for the everyday collective citizen in order to create a lawful rebellion or revolution. We’re not yet ready to put nature and people first, and to structure our mindsets, political system and society into a more holistic manner.

Someday perhaps…


So You Want To Change The World And Be A Changemaker

Basic Elements of You - B. L. Crisp

But first… what use is a leader who is not balanced holistically
and what use are followers who trail blindly without thought or question,

cliche, cliche, cliche…
be the change you want to see and
look at that man or woman in the mirror
cliche, cliche, cliche,

You’re excited like a toddler for you have discovered
this new saviour-of-the-world knowledge, but, it’s not new at all,

Your 100+ Facebook posts disturb the ether
for they only gratify your standpoint
creating a line of symmetry with your enemies
recycling the already existing material without action
your uninvited opinion only serving to contradict your aim,

So you want to change the world, but first you must start with yourself
you must evolve and review yourself…
daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly

Who you are must remain the same within each of your interlinked basic elements
and so you should be constantly evolving forever eternally,
Only then… can we all begin to change the world collectively.

B. L. Crisp

Well-being Beyond GDP – Statistics for Everyone


Web COmmunities for Statistics for Social Innovation (Web-COSI) is another project I am currently working on that brings together two passions of mine: well-being and social entrepreneurship (entrepreneurs who are passionate about making social and environmental change whilst developing a sustainable business/project).

Web-COSI is a European Union (EU) grassroots co-ordination action project with communities in mind and the general objective to improve the engagement of citizens and society at large with statistics in the area of new measures of societal progress and well-being. Under the mantra ‘Statistics for Everyone’, Web-COSI will be exploring innovative ways to bring the production, promotion, access and engagement with statistics to life. Using the opportunities given by Web2.0 the project, built upon the increasing trust in collectively generated statistics, will improve the collection, production and visualization of data towards the integration and complementarity of official and non-official statistics.

In 2014, the official Web-COSI website, wikiprogress data portal, university programme, youth portal and brochure were created, as well as many digital initiatives completed, reports and presentations shared and events held. This year 2015 the Web-COSI team will be digging into the relationship social entrepreneurs have with data and statistics in addition to an EU seminar, workshop and more reports and presentations for you to enjoy and get involved with.

Consortium partner i-genius, will be leading on the relationship between social entrepreneurs and data. Specifically, i-genius will be focusing on how social entrepreneurs use data to:

1. Get started, e.g. assess social needs

2. Forster their ventures, e.g. raise finance

3. Evaluate and measure impact

4. Better understand and communicate the overall phenomenon of social entrepreneurship

This feature of the project will kicked off with i-genius organising a working group in London last month and will follow up with four focus groups around Europe, a report, film, and concluding with a conference at the OECD, Paris in December.

How you can be involved:

1. Visit and use the data mapping website – An open knowledge base of well-being and sustainability projects from around the world:

2. Sign up to Web-COSI newsletters

3. Offer your expertise if you are engaging with statistics in an interesting way

Find out more at: