Always Travel The Path Less Walked

Path less walked


Solid Mental Wellbeing Through Walking

We walked… my wife, my youngest and I. We talked about all the things that were on our minds. We listened to the trees gossiping in the light breeze. We hummed along to bird songs and insect chatter. We sat in bird hides and looked into the daily lives of local wildlife. The sun danced with the clouds while the Autumn chill occasionally kissed our skin. We lunched on a bench and breathed slowly. Exercised were our bodies, calm were our minds.

Photos taken at Summer Leys Nature Reserve

So You Want To Change The World And Be A Changemaker

Basic Elements of You - B. L. Crisp

But first… what use is a leader who is not balanced holistically
and what use are followers who trail blindly without thought or question,

cliche, cliche, cliche…
be the change you want to see and
look at that man or woman in the mirror
cliche, cliche, cliche,

You’re excited like a toddler for you have discovered
this new saviour-of-the-world knowledge, but, it’s not new at all,

Your 100+ Facebook posts disturb the ether
for they only gratify your standpoint
creating a line of symmetry with your enemies
recycling the already existing material without action
your uninvited opinion only serving to contradict your aim,

So you want to change the world, but first you must start with yourself
you must evolve and review yourself…
daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly

Who you are must remain the same within each of your interlinked basic elements
and so you should be constantly evolving forever eternally,
Only then… can we all begin to change the world collectively.

B. L. Crisp