Always Travel The Path Less Walked

Path less walked


Solid Mental Wellbeing Through Walking

We walked… my wife, my youngest and I. We talked about all the things that were on our minds. We listened to the trees gossiping in the light breeze. We hummed along to bird songs and insect chatter. We sat in bird hides and looked into the daily lives of local wildlife. The sun danced with the clouds while the Autumn chill occasionally kissed our skin. We lunched on a bench and breathed slowly. Exercised were our bodies, calm were our minds.

Photos taken at Summer Leys Nature Reserve

Finding Balance

In my free pdf ebook on holistic wellbeing I explore through quick practical exercises how one can find a stable balance both at home and at work. I expanded on this slightly in my recent post – so you want to change the world and be a changemaker. On that note, I hope that overall my blog posts strike a balance and offer an insight into the activities that help me to find balance.

Even still, finding balance can be a difficult if you are a beginner at meditation or similar practices. Therefore, many often turn to someone to talk to or engage in some sort of activity that takes the mind away from whatever is disturbing our ether. It is imperative to make the mind, body and spirit strong as they are all interconnected and will depend on each other at some point.

Meditation, developing emotional cognition, morals, ethics, etc.

Healthy food and suitable exercise.

Being creative and adventurous.

The aim is always to simplify everything for the benefit of yourself. For example: “I am taking care of my mind through meditation (slowing it down and creating clarity) and constantly aiming to stop negative thoughts from arising within. I am taking care of my body through appropriate food and suitable exercise. I am being creative and exploring the creativity of others because it resonates within a part of me that is beyond words, thought and emotions – this is my spirit.” If you can say this to yourself and others, then you are being true to yourself, but most importantly you are being good to yourself.