‘O’ Earth Mantra

[inhale, exhale]
We return to you our beautiful earth
We dedicate our thoughts to the elements of life,
We embrace nature and explore the cosmos
We harmonise with humankind and learn from animals,
We transcend to pure love through darkness and light
We allow the trees and water to balance ourselves,
We welcome the sunset to bathe us, the moonlight to cleanse us, and the stars to solidify us
We see beyond colour and form,
We return to you, our beautiful earth
We return to each other
We return.
[inhale, exhale]

B. L. Crisp

The ‘O’ Earth Mantra is part of the “Elements of ‘O’ – A New YOU” practice, which can be found in the Replug YOU wellbeing book. This mantra is used during Earthing and is to be used when you start to stretch and/or meditate. You can also recite at any given moment to remind yourself that your existence is apart of something far greater. To find out more click here.