Meet the Characters – Elements of Vaalbara

Meet the characters from Elements of Vaalbara (Book 1 of the ‘A New Earth’ trilogy).

Ash Green-Hill
Age: 14
Height: 165cm
Cultural heritage: England/Jamaica
Skills: Free running, tai chi, wing chun
Likes: Cycling, spirituality, cats, reading, old soul, football, snow leopards

London Graham
Age: 9
Height: 150cm
Cultural heritage: Jamaica
Skills: Singing
Likes: Playing, eating, singing, drawing, dancing

Bradley Chapman
Age: 15
Height: 170cm
Cultural heritage: England
Skills: Boxing
Likes: Football, DVDs, dogs, computer games

Kurumi Okamoto
Age: 14
Height: 160cm
Cultural heritage: Japan
Skills: Kendo
Likes: Drawing, walking, music, nature, cats, kendo

Jumo Mensah
Age: 15
Height: 164cm
Cultural heritage: Kenya/Ghana
Skills: Writing, scouts
Likes: Reading, dancing, science, writing

Aruna Begum
Age: 14
Height: 162cm
Cultural heritage: Bangladesh
Skills: Running, making clothes
Likes: Singing, meditating, nature, friends

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30 years old – 1st Quarter of Life Complete

I’m 30 years old officially. As always a birthday should be celebrated, but it is also a time for reflection and to be humble for the mere fact you have lived another year.  From now on I’m supposedly in the bracket where there is no more “messing about” so-to-speak and when one has to become a man. But to be honest, I’ve already been there and done that ever since I had to change my little brother’s nappies, left home at 16 and started working, studying and earning my own way ever since.

My birthday was a truly lovely day.  Delicious breakfast with cards and lovely handmade gifts by my wife and children. We then traveled into Tokyo to the Studio Ghibli museum (which the kids absolutely loved) followed by a welcomed and delicious lunch. We returned home to a Mexican/Japanese dinner, sparkling champagne (from my father-in-law, plus a lovely wallet from him) and a very delicious (and I add unexpected) birthday cake made by my mother-in-law. I did some mediation with the kids before they went to bed, and then my wife and I relaxed to watch a Japanese film. It was a most perfect birthday, throughout which I reflected on the year that had passed by.

The 1st quarter of my life is complete. I like to think of my life in three physical stages and the forth being the transcendent stage (returning to the source and original spiritual essence):

  • 0-30 (1st quarter). Obtaining foundational skills and knowledge in all aspects of life and spirituality
  • 30-60 (2nd quarter). Implementing everything that you’ve learned, forever learning, solidifying your foundation and making ripples
  • 60-90 (3rd quarter). Watching over and making opportunities for the next generations, reflecting and preparing for an eternal life of light

Some people say 30 is the new 40 or vice versa, but I don’t think so. I’m not facing a mid-life crisis (and as such don’t need to buy something new to fill the void), nor do I act younger than my elders did when they were my age. The 1st quarter of my life has been both wildly turbulent and joyfully wonderful. From being physically and mentally abused whilst living in poverty to traveling the world, from getting married and having children to saying goodbye to mother as she passed away without warning. From developing a heart condition (which I’ve hopefully full recovered from) to joining my children on their athletic journey to becoming future Olympians (Olympic Yume).

Whenever faced with turbulent times I always tell myself that ‘this too shall pass’, and even during early youth of suicidal thoughts and attempts, I always told myself… ‘I have something to do’ even if it wasn’t clear yet. Now being a father of three children that bring me so much purpose and joy… I know that my journey has only begun. The social and environmental conditioning and upbringing although not chosen of my own accord have made me a stronger and more resilient individual because I decided to not let them get the better of me, but embraced them and learned from them.

Below are just some positive highlights in my life so far. I share them not to boast in any way, but to remind myself and others that even during dark times there is light and we should always remember and recall the positive moments in our lives.

Positive Highlights in my life so far

  • Meeting my mother
  • Meeting my grandparents (on my absent-father’s side)
  • Performing Michael Jackson’s ‘Bad’ on GMTV Live in Spain (forever grateful to my grandparents)
  • Speech on Racism in the presence of Neville Lawrence
  • Performed in secondary school productions of Blood Brothers, Caucasian Chalk Circle and West Side Story
  • Meeting my spiritual brother (Inspired Aquaria)
  • School prefect and sixth form mentor to younger peers
  • Represented secondary school and local borough in 1500 metre races
  • Self-devised dance for Holocaust remembrance, assembly
  • Performing in Mostar, Bosnia, during an International Youth Theatre Festival
  • Co-wrote, peer directed and performed in a play tackling homophobia, Butterfly – the untouched truth
  • Wedding Day
  • Birth of children
  • University experience
  • Living in Japan for 3 years
  • Climbing Mount Fuji twice
  • A day at the Hiroshima Atomic Bomb Peace Memorial Museum
  • Moving back to London
  • Seeing Jupiter, Saturn and the Moon via our telescope
  • Becoming self-employed
  • Working with i-genius and traveling the world in the name of social entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Climbing the Moon and Sun Pyramids in Mexico
  • Starting Olympic Yume family project
  • 10 Day trip Egypt to visit ancient temples (Always wanted to do that)
  • First time camping (with my wife and children in the Forest of Dean)
  • Started Home Education with my children
  • Self-published two books (Replug YOU on well-being, and Poetic Thoughts on poetry)
  • Cycling and writing in Yangshuo, Guilin, China (another place I’ve always wanted to visit)

Energy, light and harmonic blessings,

B. L. Crisp