Morning Walk

This morning as the earth rotated allowing the sun to rise on the horizon for another day. The different shades of colour reaching out across the sky and breaking through the soft clouds was utterly breathtaking.

I have no photo to share for I was disconnected from technology and reconnected to nature. Want to see it too? – Take an early morning walk and Replug YOU!

B. L. Crisp


Toilet Respite

He sat in the toilet. It was the one place nobody else would follow thankfully. The lightbulb and air-vent operated via the same switch illuminating his chamber and leveling out external noise. As he rested, his wandering thoughts were protected by the rain slapping the small window.

Now, you would think it strange for a man to find comfort on a toilet seat and yet for him it is a momentary sanctuary from the outside world. He chuckled at silly thoughts he had no time to previously indulge. Entertaining the unique madness which belonged only to him, and before he finished what he had set to do he reached out to read at least a page from a Scottish poetry book underneath the water basin…

B. L. Crisp

Elemental Child

Dearest Elemental Child…
Why do you hide yourself?
~ why veil your identity from this false reality?
Be the light you are meant to be,
Hold the cosmic truth close to everything
that is beyond the here and now,

Transcendent Elemental Child
do not forget what you are here to do,
do not get lost in the void of human existence
for with your every action reclaim the earth as it was meant to be.

B. L. Crisp